Cred-Ex Announces Mobile Payment Services are Now Available Through iPhone, BlackBerry and Other Web Enabled Smart Phones

SECAUCUS, N.J., March 11 (AllPayNews) -- Today, Cred-Ex launched a new service that brings the Company's payment processing tools to mobile devices. This service is called the "Cred-Ex m-Commerce Payment Solution." The technology includes a set of APIs (application programming interfaces) for brick and mortar merchants, e-commerce merchants and mobile developers. This tool will allow them to provide payment options to their customers within mobile websites, mobile applications and at point of sale of brick and mortar stores. The new service also allows for integration of the Cred-Ex Pay Vault platform. This feature allows customers to make purchases from their mobile devices using their revolving credit information stored within their Cred-Ex vault accounts.

Stephane Touboul, Emerging Payments Technologies CEO says: "We are very proud of our Cred-Ex mobile payment application. M-Commerce is undoubtedly the next trend in payment. The Cred-Ex m-Commerce solution technology allows consumers to feel safe and secure using their mobile device to make purchases at their favorite retail stores without cash, debit or credit cards."

"We anticipate that our participating merchants will see a lift in ticket size and an increase in sales because of the ease of use for the consumers, and that thanks to this new tool, our banking partners will acquire more account holders and see an increase in charge volume," he adds.
For Customers: Mobile Shopping Made Easy

Customers using Cred-Ex's new Mobile Payments Solution (MPS) will first sign-up on the Cred-Ex web site, After this initial authentication process which includes credit approval and mobile phone registration, they will be able to make all future purchases from their registered device without having to sign in again. This includes the Cred-Ex Pay Vault functionality. Existing Cred-Ex account holder will only need to register their mobile device once, using their control panel on the Cred-Ex web site.

As the mobile Cred-Ex web site shows, mobile shoppers only need to take four steps to complete their purchase using the new technology. First, the customer clicks on the "Cred-Ex Widget" on their iPhone or BlackBerry, or simply goes to from their web enable smart phone. This will direct them to Cred-Ex's mobile interface. From there, the customer will be asked to enter their registered e-mail, last 4 digit of SSN, the store-provided reference number and to click on "Submit". After the payment is authorized, the customer will then be provided with an approval code and an e-mail confirmation relating to their purchase.

Customers can download the Cred-Ex iPhone App directly from the Apple web site in the iTunes App store, or by clicking on the following link:

For Developers: No Extra Work Required
Developers and merchants already using Cred-Ex's patented alternative payment solution on their websites won't need to do any additional development work - the service will automatically detect when customers are shopping from a mobile device and will switch over to the new mobile optimized payment interface.
In other words, that means developers can continue to use Cred-Ex's flexible APIs they've already been using to build their applications and they don't need to go back and re-code anything to make the apps mobile-compatible.
Customers can now shop at brick and mortar locations of all participating Cred-Ex merchants with their web enabled phones, Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm OS, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and Java devices.

About Cred-Ex
Cred-Ex ( is the main brand of Emerging Payments Technologies, Inc. that has been a leader in alternative billing for over 10 years. Emerging Payments Technologies, Inc. began developing the Cred-Ex platform and brand in 2004 to lead the trend in online billing, e-Commerce, and now m-Commerce. Express Verifiable Authorization is the corner stone of the Cred-Ex process. Patented in 2007 (Patent # US 7,177,837,B2), it allows Cred-Ex to identify applicants and make instantaneous credit decision in less than 5 seconds. Cred-Ex senior management has built several major companies and are recognized leaders in the US and Europe in the alternative payments industry.

Contact Information:
Business Development; Eric Gelb, Sr. VP Business Development,, 201-865-7600 ext 102.
Technical Support and Integration; Steve Leyden, Integration Specialist,, 201-865-7600 ext 107
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