Datapipe and Alert Logic extend partnership to foster PCI compliance

Datapipe and Alert Logic extend partnership to foster PCI compliance

Datapipe and Alert Logic have a long-running partnership, and have announced plans to extend that partnership to combine their payment security solutions. Datapipe is a managed services and IT infrastructure provider, while Alert Logic focuses its enterprises on log management, intrusion detection and cloud security solutions. Together, they will combine Datapipe's turnkey PCI compliance solution with Alert Logic's log management program.

Log management helps companies remain PCI compliant by managing the challenging process of analyzing, interpreting and managing payment data. By automating this otherwise time-consuming process, log management software can free businesses on other areas of their security and improve their ability to meet PCI standards.

"While PCI DSS compliance requirements evolve, log management and log review remain key, yet costly, components of maintaining compliance. Our cloud-based Log Manager and LogReview services strengthen Datapipe's portfolio of managed services enabling their clients to realize the benefits of moving IT infrastructure to a secure cloud," said Gray Hall, president and CEO at Alert Management.

Cloud-based log management tools are becoming more popular in the enterprise, with SenSage also offering a cloud solution designed to improve cyber security for business through advanced monitoring and reporting tools.

SenSage Version 4.6 was designed as a cloud-based log management solution that is interoperable even with third-party business intelligence solutions. This makes it capable of alleviating cyber security concerns through advanced reporting and security analytics tools.

According to a recent survey performed by the Ponemon Institute, businesses are spending heavily on new solutions, such as log management and PCI compliant IT infrastructure, to avoid falling prey to cyber crime. On average, respondents said they spend approximately $3.5 million annually to design and implement PCI compliant security solutions.

While this cost may seem high at first, businesses that neglect PCI compliance and either fail an audit or experience a security breach lose an average of $9.5 billion per crisis. Larry Ponemon, chairman and founder of the Ponemon Institute, said businesses have been aware that maintaining PCI compliance is important for quite some time. However, companies have lacked a clear understanding of how expensive non-compliance can become. Overall, he said companies can actually experience a significant return on investment if they are capable of consistently resisting cyber attacks.